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The Raw Food Company are producers of raw, dehydrated fruit & vegetable products, which are included in a range of meals for breakfast, main meal & snack time.


The Raw Food Company was founded in May 2013 by sisters Renette & Lizelle. Although originally intended as a convenient alternative to fresh fruit & vegetables, for daily use by busy people, hikers soon realised the advantages of dehydrated vegetables, spurring Renette on to create tasty ready-mixed-meal recipes. After Getaway Magazine gave it top score in a 2014 feature on hiking meals, the small, family-run business really took off. Renette since had to leave her brain child – with a very heavy heart! She and her husband are now raising their lovely son in the United Kingdom, from where she’s constantly testing new ideas for The Raw Food Company. Lizelle left her position as a tutor at a centre for special education, to run the business full-time. She has since been joined by her husband, Jullian, who went on early retirement from a career in Hospitality & Education. Together they are passionate about this unique venture & satisfying the culinary needs of hungry hikers.


Our dehydrated produce are included in breakfast oats, ready-to-cook meals, snacks and vegetable packs. Our products are ideal for

  • hikers, travelers and other outdoor sports people, who need quick, but tasty meals, which won’t take up a lot of weight, time and space;
  • households without electricity or freezing facilities, as dehydrated products last for months, if stored in a dry, airtight container;
  • students or small households who want to include vegetables & fruit in their meals, but do not wish to buy a big variety of fresh produce, which could spoil before being consumed;
  • busy professionals, who do not have much time for preparation and cooking;
  • parents who wish to provide fruit and vegetable additions to their children’s lunch boxes.


The dehydration process produces a form of preserved food, with most of the natural nutrients still retained in the product. We do not add any preservatives or colourants to our products, neither do we cook any of the fresh produce before dehydrating it (a process during which  a great amount of nutrients would be lost). The fruit and vegetables lose around 95% of its weight and some of its size, as water is removed. This intensifies the taste of the product. To re-hydrate, water is added and the vegetable or fruit swells up to its original size (or close to it). Some re-hydrated products, like carrots, still have the crunchy texture of fresh carrots, while others become chewy, but not soggy.  

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